Friday, January 13, 2017

Electric cars failing to create major spark in SA

Electric cars failing to create major spark in SA
According to the linked article, by July 2016, only 24 out of 115,000 new car sales for the year were electric vehicles. Though this is a minuscule amount, it is at least something. There may only be about 300 or so EV's in South Africa, the manufacturers though are obliged, and are doing, to create the charging infrastructure for these vehicles they are selling. The more charging points that are installed, the less potential EV owners have to worry about range anxiety. Fortunately it seems the two local manufacturers selling EV's, Nissan and BMW, are cooperating when it comes to building a charging network for their vehicles. This indicates that they are committed to an electrified SA and that we will be seeing more electric vehicles from them both soon. Though it's only small steps for now, the more infrastructure that is put up, the more people will buy EV's and in turn create a demand for even more charging points.

A lack of infrastructure and hefty price tags could be some of the reasons why electric cars are not selling like hot cakes in South more.

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