Monday, February 13, 2017

10 reasons to buy an electric car

  1. Saving on fuel costs.
    An electric car will be substantially cheaper per mile than an equivalent internal combustion engined vehicle. Of course depending on the cost of electricity and the cost of petrol or diesel at any one time, the amount of savings might vary, in all cases the EV is cheaper though. It's probably safe to say you'll pay roughly a quarter for electricity than what you would for petrol or diesel
    In a recent blog post, electric car advocacy group Plug-In America determined that the average driver could save around $1,600 per year in fuel .............. pegged the annual electric car energy cost at just $540, meaning drivers could save $1,595 per year.
  2. Lower maintenance costs
    No oil/filter/spark plugs to change, no metal parts rubbing together to wear out, no expensive scheduled servicing. The only things that will need replacing on any sort of regular basis is washer fluid. Tyres of course will need replacing as they would on a petrol or diesel vehicle. Brakes will also need replacing at some point, they will however last a lot longer than those on a ICE vehicle as much of the braking on an electric car is regenerative braking where the motor turns into a generator and charges the batteries while the vehicle is slowing down.
  3. Lower noise pollution
    This is a benefit of electric cars that many people don't seem to think of. How nice would it be to walk down a busy street and not have to shout to be heard above all the traffic noise. Not only towns and cities will be quieter but also the countryside. Major roads will be virtually silent, allowing people to enjoy the sounds of nature.
  4. More cabin/storage spaceWith the current trend in electric vehicle design, the batteries are on the floor of the vehicle and the motors are between the wheels. This opens up more space in the car for people and luggage. As there's no engine under the bonnet/hood, this can also be used as a storage area in addition to the traditional boot/trunk.
  5. Less air pollution
    It goes without saying that electric vehicles are better for the environment. Not only that, they're also better for everyone else using the street, not having to breath in petrol and especially diesel fumes.
    The Leaf had 51 percent lower emissions over an assumed lifetime of 179,000 miles than a comparable mid-size gasoline car, while the Model S had 53 percent lower emissions than a full-size car.
  6. Better efficiency
    With an internal combustion engine a lot of the energy is lost in heat and exhaust fumes out the tailpipe. With an electric motor almost all the energy is being harnessed in moving the vehicle. Not only that but with regenerative braking, the motor reverses it's roll and charges the batteries while the car is slowing down.
  7. Cleaner
    Not just in an environmental sense, the car itself is cleaner. No greasy engine under the bonnet, no oil or other fluid leaks leaving stains in the driveway.
  8. Driving indoors
    Because their are no exhaust emissions an electric vehicle can be driven indoors. This could mean in the future we could have closed in car parks with either air-conditioning or heating to keep the temperature comfortable. How about indoor motor racing with no worries about the weather ruining the event.
  9. Home charging
    Charge your car at home overnight when the electricity in many places is cheaper. You probably don't even need a fast charger. The Tesla Model S charges at 5 miles per hour from a regular plug socket. That would be 60 miles on a 12 hour charge. More than sufficient for most peoples daily needs. There's really no need to fully charge a long range EV every day.
  10. Ease of driving
    Electric cars mostly don't have a gearbox, there's just an accelerator and brake pedal, most of the braking is done by the motor so a lot of the time you can just drive with one pedal. With other driving aids and the onset of autonomous and semi-autonomous driving, things are only going to get easier and safer for the driver.

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