Tuesday, February 21, 2017

BMW i3 Driven & Reviewed in South Africa - Why It's So Good

Great positive South African review of the BMW i3, thanks to Cars.co.za. The presenter mentions it will cost about R30 to fully charge an i3 at home and for that R30 it will travel as far as a ICE vehicle would on R150 of fuel. That really is a huge saving. If I had one I'd really be less hesitant to go places because I'm worried about the cost of the petrol to get there. Going to the beach for instance is about a 40km round trip for me, not too far but probably uses about R50 in petrol, if the weather is a bit iffy like it was this past Sunday then I'd hesitate before going as it's quite a bit to spend just to drive somewhere to find out it's raining. If I had an i3 it would use roughly R10 of electricity, it's really a negligible amount. I'd definitely make a lot more short trips if I had an electric car, even with 100km range there would be a lot of places accessible to take the family out for the day on a weekend.

The only problem right now is the price of the BMW i3. It's over R500,000 a bit more than a Nissan Leaf, I think when prices of EV's get down to R300,000, the saving in fuel and maintenance costs will make it a worthwhile purchase for someone who was maybe looking for a ICE vehicle in the R200,000 - R250,000 range. The extra in installment payments will easily be recovered in the fuel cost savings.

As I said this is a really great review, please take the time to watch and I'm sure afterwards like me, you'll probably also be wanting a BMW i3.

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