Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Used Nissan Leaf prices in South Africa

Used Nissan Leaf prices in South Africa
Autotrader is advertising used 2013 Nissan Leaf's from under R210,000 on it's web site.  The 2013 model had a 24kwh battery and a claimed range of 121km quoted on Wikipedia. The current model on sale in South Africa according to the spec sheet on Nissan South Africa's web site still has the 24kwh battery (as opposed to the 30kwh battery avilable now in other markets). Nissan is quoting a new Leaf will have an 195km range. Wikipedia however, on their Nissan Leaf page give a range of 135km for the most recent 24kwh Leaf. 

If we use the ranges on Wikipedia, then the new version of the Leaf is only going to give you 14km more range than a 4 year old model. However the new price is R474,900, well over double the price of many used Leaf's. Taking all this into account a four year old Leaf is a comparative bargain, by far the cheapest method to become part of the Electric Car club in South Africa.

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