Wednesday, February 22, 2017

UJ's electric car dazzles at global race

UJ's electric car dazzles at global race
Admire Moyo from ITWeb reports on the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Voltronics team, that built an electric car and entered the Shell Eco-Marathon in London last year where they finished 15th.
The team consisted of eight engineering students from UJ, accompanied by a team mentor and mechanical engineer.......Out of 30 ‘valid' teams, the South African team finished ahead of teams from France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Turkey and Spain
Below is a short video clip I found of the UJ vehicle "Nightfury" in action at the Shell Eco-Marathon.

With the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe, each team is allowed four attempts during the competition. Each attempt consists of eight laps of 2.215km which had to be completed in under 43 minutes with the best possible energy or fuel economy.........The UJ vehicle, "Nightfury", achieved a best racing result of 309km/kWh. 
Well done to them, great result and one to be proud of. 

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