Saturday, March 11, 2017

Big Boss prepares local electric car

Big Boss prepares local electric car
ITWeb report from August 2015 on a South African company Big Boss, which was supposedly due to unveil an electric car for sale in South Africa within six months of the article.
The manufacturing of the "Big Boss" car will initially be in China and the company envisages bringing production to SA after selling the first 1 000 units. Rishiden Samraj, founder of Big Boss, said the car will retail for between R250 000 and R300 000.
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much more information available about the Big Boss car. I found Richie Samraj's Google+ page and left a message querying if the Big Boss was still going to happen.

I'm presuming it's a Chinese design that is maybe already being made in China and if initial sales of the first 1000 cars were positive, then they would have set up an assembly plant in South Africa.

I tried doing a Google image search for this image, to see if it showed up under another manufacturers name. I couldn't find a match though.

Hopefully we will still see the Big Boss in South Africa, at R250,000 it would be half the price of a Nissan Leaf and seemingly very good value. The article doesn't mention any sort of specifications though. I wonder if we will ever get to see it on South African roads?

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