Monday, March 13, 2017

re: Big Boss prepares local electric car

On Saturday I reported on the Big Boss electric car. I found an article from 2015 on ITweb about it. Founder of Big Boss Richie Samraj said he intended to import the first 1,000 electric cars, that would sell for R250,000-R300,000 from China before setting up production of the vehicle here in South Africa.

As I couldn't find too much other info on this project, I left a message in Mr Samraj's Google+ page asking
"Is this (Big Boss Electric Car) still going to happen? I hope so."
He replied.
"Hi yes it going to happen just waiting for funding.
Or if you know of someone to help on the funding I will really appreciate
it .all home is done .90% of the work has been taken .just 10% which Is

Thank you
Richie Samraj
Contact. + 27 825184637"
It's good to see the project is on. I hope he is successful finding the necessary funding. An electric car at that price would make electric mobility accessible to many more South Africans. It's literally half the price of the Nissan Leaf or BMW i3, the only two fully electric cars presently available here in South Africa.

As yet I'm not sure of any of the vehicles specifications. I have sent a request for some more info, hopefully we can find out a bit more about the Big Boss electric car.

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