Friday, March 10, 2017

Swisatec to plan for Electric Vehicles at Blue Rock Village, Africa’s first green village

Swisatec to plan for Electric Vehicles at Blue Rock Village, Africa’s first green village
Thanks to Cape Business News for this article about Blue Rock Village in Cape Town, Africa's first green village.
Swisatec plans to include EV charging stations on the design of Blue Rock Village, especially in key areas such as underground parking of the 5-star envisioned Blue Rock Hotel and Conferencing Centre, the Dollar House (a high-end corporate office space), the Wellness and Spa and the 40 000 sqm Santa Luzia Lifestyle Centre. Phase one of the village: Giovanni Luxury Terrace Apartments is already selling, starting from R3,3 million. 
I wrote in a post yesterday that it is important to get the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging in place in South Africa, before electric cars start selling in meaningful numbers. In fact all construction companies should follow Swisatecs example and include vehicle charging points in all new constructions.

Like new homes come with a plug sockets for all your home electronics and appliances, they should also come with one specifically for your car. Car parks should have electric only bays with charging points, it could earn the business a little more in charging fees or they could entice customers to spend a bit more and offer free charging in return.

A good analogy is perhaps Wifi that is offered in certain public places such as restaurants. Customers will go to a restaurant that offers free Wifi because they know they can conduct their business/surf the web/chat etc. while they enjoy their meal. The same thing will happen with electric cars, establishments that offer electric vehicle charging will get the patronage of the electric car driver.

The article also helps reaffirm the fact that having an electric car is going to save you a considerable amount in fuel cost. To cover 30,000kms in a year an economical petrol car would use roughly R22,320 worth of fuel. To cover the same distance in a Nissan Leaf it would cost about R4,620 in electricity. That's a saving of R18,000. I've mentioned before, once motorists realise they can make that sort of saving by driving an electric car, the demand for electric cars will sharply rise. As the article firmly states 'The future vehicle is here'.

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